Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Montage


  • Organize your photos 

    Make a plan and organize your photos. 
    Before rummaging through your old photo albums, set a purpose for your DVD slideshow. Having a general idea of where you are going early on will make the rest of the planning process easier.

    Choose which photos to include in the slideshow. As you go through your photos make a "yes" pile and a "no" pile.


                                        TIPS for choosing photos:

  • Choose quality photos that will look great in your slideshow. Avoid photos that are extremely dark, grainy, scratched or torn.

  • Photos that have been cut in an odd shape for a scrapbook will not work well in a slide show.

  • Photos that are horizontally oriented (landscape) look better on screen than photos that are vertically oriented (portrait).

  • Choose photos that evoke emotion, reveal personality or show real action in addition to posed shots.

  • Choose close-ups that show facial expressions rather than far away shots.

  • If two photos are similar, consider eliminating one of them. Try to include a limited numbers of pictures for each time period.

  • Choose photos that will be of interest to your audience. Include some photos of the people who will be viewing the presentation. Everyone loves to see themselves on the big screen and they will feel like a part of your special event. Your audience may be interested to see a photo of a loved family member.  However, they may not care to see several pictures of your pets.

  • Arrange your photos in the sequence you want them to appear in the slideshow. You may want to organize your photos along a time line: Early childhood, First date, Just married, Raising our children, Being grandparents, Great-grand kids, etc.

    Number and label each photo. Start with number “1” and count upwards. Either put a numbered sticky post-it note on the back of each photo or write the number lightly with a pencil. Take care not to press too hard on the photo to avoid damage. Do not use marker or ink pen as this causes smearing and will damage your pictures. 
    NOTE: If you plan to include digital photos, it is best to simply change the name of the file to be the number of the photo itself. (For example: 021. jpg, 022.jpg, 023.jpg, etc.)